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The Struggles Students Go Through in a Distance Learning Setup

You may have heard a lot of stories about the inconveniences of distance learning. In some ways, many students could barely adjust to this setup during the height of the pandemic. It was new for most students, and you couldn’t blame them. However, distance learning has been around for many years, as pointed out by the …

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Navigating Parenting Responsibilities amid the Childcare Crisis

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of U.S. parents struggle to balance their work responsibilities and the needs of their children. The national crisis has caused many childcare centers around the U.S. to close, posing a huge problem now things are slowly returning to normal. The change in childcare availability is something unexpected, …

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Future-ready: Why You Should Invest in Quality Education

You may not think quality education is essential, but it can make a huge difference in your future. Investing in quality education will help you get where you want to be, both financially and professionally. With the right degree under your belt, you’ll have opportunities that will otherwise be out of reach. Quality education is …

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The Personal Blog: A Tool for Self-expression

The development of the internet has forever changed the way we consume information. Now, we use the internet for research and education. Much of our entertainment and leisure is also banked on the internet. This is because the internet is our gateway to a vast amount of information. The web has come a long way …

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Do Children Learn Languages Faster Than Adults?

How true is it that kids pick up language more quickly than adults? This may not be exactly true. They just learn differently, not quickly, which does give hope to grownups still learning another language. It’s the infants and toddlers who possess the innate grasp of language, with or without anyone effortfully teaching them, just …

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What You Should Stop Doing for a Better Learning Experience

It is only natural for students to sometimes forget about their lessons. There will be times when learning becomes a struggle. You don’t have enough energy to deal with all of your responsibilities at school. But since learning is crucial for your own future, it pays to find ways to find your drive to learn …

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Major Educational Institutions in Idaho

Despite being one of the least populous states in the union, Idaho has a world-class educational system. High school students can receive an associate’s degree or continue to a four-year university in three community colleges. You might start questioning yourself and wonder what type of student colleges want. But remember, it’s the College that makes the …

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Learning and Exercising: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Before the day of his final exams, Luke decided to do a 90-minute session in the afternoon. He went through his routine at one of the personal training gyms in his community, but halfway through his session, he decided to up his game by adding a few pounds to his weights and squeezing in a few more minutes on …

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