A portrait of an Asian college student in library

Some Ways to Save Money on Your Child’s College Education

When you think of college, you automatically attach it to expenses. Indeed, it’s one of the most expensive investments you’ll make in your child’s future. Education, however, is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s one thing you can give your child that will be very beneficial for their career growth in the future. But …

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Practical Ways to Make Studying More Enjoyable

The first step to studying more effectively is understanding that you have the power to change your study habits. This can be accomplished by setting small, achievable goals and having fun while you’re learning! Here are some techniques for making your time in the library or at home more productive: Use different colors One way …

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School Choices: Choosing the Right School For You and Your Career

Education is one of the most crucial aspects in life that helps people achieve their dreams and goals. The United States has one of the highest educational attainment statistics in the world, and yet many of these students believe that they didn’t get what they wanted from their choice. Choosing the right school for you …

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teacher with her students

Reigniting Your Kids’ Passion for Learning in a Post-Pandemic Setting

Schools have started to open, and many kids have felt a big change. This is all because of distance learning. These learners indeed felt different the moment they set foot in their schools. Nearly 93 percent of American households with school-age children were involved in some form of distance learning. This was during the COVID-19 …

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math equation

Why Singaporean Students are So Good at Math

Mathematics is notoriously difficult, more so than Biology or English. A lot of students around the world unfortunately struggle with and lose interest in learning the subject. The Problem with Math Part of the reason why many continue to avoid math is the pervasive belief that some people are just naturally not good at it. …

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Getting Your First Car: Here’s What You Need To Do

Buying your first car is an exciting time. However, before you meet with your car dealer and book for your test drive, there are things that you need to take care of first. Getting your first car, whether new or used, can be daunting and overwhelming. With research and doing the needed preparations, you avoid …

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What Is the Best Age to Send a Child to School?

Parents face plenty of critical decisions to make on behalf of the child. One of the most important ones is when to send their kids to school. Should they begin early or wait until they’re about 5 to 7 years old? Compulsory School Age To answer the question, parents need to know about compulsory education. …

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students in class

Private vs. Public: Where Should You Enroll Your Teenagers?

Salt Lake City is one of the best places to live in Utah and start a family. It’s a modern city, and there are plenty of dynamic highschools worth looking into if you have a teen or a pre-teen. But, people have been debating for so long which is better: private or public schools. There …

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exchange student girl having fun in town

For Expats: How to Help Your Kids Adjust and Feel at Home

Life as an international business consultant, trainer, lawyer or diplomat may be fun and exciting. You travel all over the world for work and in the process, get to see different countries and experience various cultures. It is a constant vacation for many, but there are some who seek the permanence of being able to …

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a teen looking at a broken mirror

What to Do When Your Tween Has Low Self-esteem

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand how your 4-year-old daughter who was so fond of beauty pageants, ballet recitals, and summer camps grew up to be this shy, aloof tween in middle school. Once, they were all about saying yes to new things and people; now, every opportunity is met with “I can’t do that” or …

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