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Greatness isn’t something that comes naturally, you have to work hard for it.

Whether you want you or your child to be a great academic or a successful business owner, you need the lay down the proper groundwork. Good behaviors and the right learning methods are essential in this groundwork. Educomics provides articles that address both these factors for your own edification.

Foundations for the Future

If you have great academic aspirations for you or your children, you need to start molding them to be exceptional adults as soon as possible. Educomics has articles about excelling in educational programs for all ages, from discovering your toddler’s talents to determining the right master’s degree.

We also have articles addressing extracurricular activities such as learning a new language or exploring e-learning. With Educomics, achieving academic excellence is a lot easier.

Opening New Opportunities

Educomics isn’t just concerned with academic excellence. We also provide advice and guides for establishing successful careers.

Our articles cover various industries and a wide range of topics, from excelling as a writer to determining how to succeed as a money lender. With our help, you’ll be at the top of your field in no time.

Meet our team

Desiree Fennick

Desiree Fennick

As a public school teacher for over 30 years, Desiree Fennick has been involved in education since she was a young girl. In high school, she was a volunteer Teachers Assistant and actively tutored her classmates whenever they were in trouble. She graduated with her B.A. in Education then her M.A. in the same field. She teaches in the same public school that she graduated from. She sees this as a lifelong public service and her passion for teaching has not abated despite 3 decades of teaching.

Erick Trencher

Graduating at the top of his high school class at the age of 12, Prof. Trencher is what you could call a prodigy. By 16, he had completed his undergraduate studies in Oxford, graduating with first honors in theoretical physics. By 21, he had completed his Ph.D and was under the tutelage of some of the greatest scientists of our time. At 26, Dr. Trencher decided to go for his second Ph.D, this time in Educational Theory. In between developing learning models, quantum computations, and teaching in his alma mater, Dr. Trencher likes to volunteer at his community center, teaching young kids math and science in his spare time. He retired from teaching before the age of 35, and is currently enjoying his time doing research for his passions.

Aileen Lensfield

Aileen Lensfield

At an early age, Aileen’s brother was diagnosed as being part of the autism spectrum. This taught her how to care for children with special needs even as a young girl, and it’s something that ignited her passion for teaching children with special needs. After college, she worked with her local community to setup the first special needs school in her state. She has been its principal for over 5 years, and their success rate is one of the highest in the region.