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How to Teach Visual Learners

In the modern world, we’re now well-aware that there are different types of learners and that their method of absorbing information differs quite vastly from each other. Despite this, most

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Using Comic Strips to Teach

Despite the negative press they’ve gotten over the past few decades, comic books and cartoons are actually very effective tools that teachers can use in class. They’re colorful, versatile, and

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Online Learning

Online Music Lessons: How You Can Make Each Session Count

Taking online classes for any subject can be challenging, but for music classes, distance learning presents a new set of unique challenges. For one, taking music classes online means that your teacher can’t physically guide your fingers to the right note or easily show you how to hold your instrument properly. Moreover, there is a

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Training and Education

The IT Career Path is Red-hot and Waiting for You

Everything is digital nowadays. All companies have online operations in one way or another. You will always find a job if you get an education in information technology (IT). Many of these positions are compatible with remote work. They also pay well. The Best IT Jobs in 2021 Career Karma compiled data from the Bureau

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Six Qualities of a Good Counselor

Being a professional counselor is a noble task, but one that requires so much from people. There’s a reason it takes so much training and education and one needs to have the proper license before you can be legally allowed to practice counseling. If you’re dreaming of a career as a counselor, here are some

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