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The Value of Mathematics on Children Can Be Felt Early

In 2017, Pew Research revealed that students in the United States lagged behind other countries in terms of knowledge and skills in areas such as math. As it turns out, nothing much has changed since then.

About three years after, the exam from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development showed that US students performed below average in math and slightly average in both reading and science. This was comparable to the country’s performance back in 2003.

But why should parents care so much about topics like math anyway? Why should mom and dad consider getting professional help like virtual enrichment programs to support their kids’ math education?

The answer is simple: math isn’t just a subject in school. It is an important foundation in developing life skills that will help kids become successful in later life.

The Worth of Mathematics

kid studying

For some parents and even children, math is just a bunch of numbers and a couple of shapes and measurements. But the lessons from mathematics go beyond arithmetic.

Take, for example, a study conducted by Vanderbilt University researchers. In 2016, the group, together with the Society for Research in Child Development, showed that learning preschool math could actually help kids deal with fifth-grade math skills and knowledge.

Moreover, the preschoolers’ ability to count objects, compare quantities, and spot patterns could indicate whether these same children would thrive once they begin learning fifth-grade math.

The importance of knowing math early, though, doesn’t stop there. The same study suggests that preschool math skills can be significantly beneficial for children in low-income families. Some types of research suggest that this demographic can trail behind their peers in education and skills.

Simply put, when low-income parents allow their kids to be exposed to math while they’re still young may help them catch up with their classmates later.

Mathematics may also be valuable to children for the following reasons:

1. It Is One of the Core Subjects in STEM

STEM stands for science, technology, education, and mathematics. Over the years, there’s been a strong push in exposing kids to this learning since STEM is likely to be the foundation of the future. That includes the jobs that may be available for the students of today.

In 2018, a Pew Research study revealed that over 50 percent of students don’t pursue STEM because it is hard. However, it is also a lucrative endeavor.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), those who had graduated from STEM courses in 2019 would have been the highest-paid of all students in this period. At entry level, those who completed science and math degrees could take home about $62,000. Engineering students might earn almost $70,000.

Meanwhile, in a 2021 comprehensive salary list for STEM jobs, shared that a data analyst could earn over $70,000 a year. A systems administrator gets more at a whopping $80,000. The net average of a radiologist is already close to $200,000 annually.

2. Math Teaches Kids Skills Handy in Life and Career

kid studying

Mathematics forces children to think, analyze, and be creative—and these skills will make them formidable as they complete their education and eventually look for a job.

Unlike what many think, companies these days seem to hire people based on their soft than technical skills. This could be because the latter can be easily developed or trained over time. Soft skills are a lot harder to change since they can already be deeply ingrained in the values and character of the candidate.

According to, these soft skills include organizational skills and problem-solving abilities, which math can teach. On the other hand, LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals, also counted analytical reasoning and business analysis as two of the 15 skills that can increase a person’s chance of landing a job.

Can Kids Really Learn Math Early?

The parents’ apprehension on exposing kids early in subjects like math may stem from the idea that they may be too young to understand the concepts. But a study relayed the plasticity of the brain—it can change as one learns.

In 2014, the researchers of the Stanford University Medical Center discovered through brain imaging scans that children could definitely shift from counting to pulling information from their memory. Thus, in a year, kids may already solve math problems more quickly and understand at least the basic concepts more easily.

Note, though, that the positive changes in the brain structure don’t happen overnight. In fact, they are often a by-product of repetition and regular mathematics exposure. Hence, allowing the kids to explore the subject early could be the ideal way to help them cope with math as they grow older.

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Why Adults Need to Continue Aiming for Personal Development

Aiming to achieve personal growth and improvement is an excellent goal, especially if you want to fulfill big dreams. You need to continue trying your best to show excellence in whatever you do. Unfortunately, most adults find it difficult to continue achieving personal development. The moment they start pursuing a particular career, they forget about trying out new things. This often happens because most of them are too busy with fulfilling multiple obligations. Some are too focused on their current careers, while others are juggling between work and family life. If you are experiencing the same scenarios, you need to start changing your routine. This means you need to start making time for things that will help improve your quality of life.

Improving Your Lifestyle through Continuous Learning

If you are interested in leading a successful life, you need to make sure that you are willing to keep going out of your comfort zone. This means you have to lead a life where you prioritize growth and improvement instead of stability. To achieve this, you need to explore new opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills about a certain field. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Prepare a list of short-term and long-term goals—One of the best ways to motivate yourself to learn something new is to set personal goals. You have to keep adding items to your goals list so you can be encouraged to grab new opportunities. This means you need to continue challenging yourself so you can achieve something better.
  • Turn your mistakes into opportunities—Don’t be discouraged whenever you face obstacles or failures. Make sure to accept your mistakes, but learn how to turn them into opportunities to do better. The key is to maintain your confidence and self-esteem so you can overcome any obstacles.
  • Find diverse and reliable learning tools and sources—Train yourself to research various learning tools and sources. You can find a personal mentor to learn something new. If not, you can browse the internet and start checking out informative resources. The key is to prepare a list of the specific skills or knowledge that you want to learn.
  • Schedule time for fun and excitement—Keep in mind that there are learning activities where you can gain new skills while having fun. For instance, you can enroll yourself in dance classes. You can look for a rehearsal room for rent and invite your friends to join you. With this, you will gain a new skill, pursue a new hobby, and find time to have fun.
  • Surround yourself with successful and inspiring people—Allow yourself to be exposed to people who can help you find inspiration to succeed in life. They can be a mentor, a friend, or even a relative. They don’t even need to become a popular person. They need to have the wisdom and knowledge that helps motivate other people to reach their maximum potential.

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Understanding the Impact of Growth on Personal Success

Feeling satisfied with where you are in life teaches you about resilience and humility. Knowing that you can appreciate your current achievements will definitely bring you joy and happiness. However, you also need to allow yourself to explore new and excellent opportunities. Doing so does not mean that you don’t feel grateful about your current lifestyle. Aiming for growth and change only helps you understand that you are more than capable of achieving bigger dreams. Here are some other benefits of aiming for growth and improvement in your life:

  • Realize your real potential—Some people believe that they can only master certain skills. As a result, they get scared about trying out new things. However, if you embrace growth and improvement, you can explore and uncover untapped skills and talents.
  • Manage negative thoughts and emotions—Aiming for growth also teaches you to become more mature about your emotional health. With this, you will be able to handle negative thoughts and emotions more effectively. Also, you can easily manage stress and anxiety, which may hinder your ability to show excellence.
  • Improve your health and well-being—You will also slowly learn more things about yourself. With this, you become aware of your needs and preferences. You also begin to understand the importance of taking care of yourself and maintaining your overall health.

Sticking with a stable lifestyle can be tempting, especially if you have already developed a routine. However, you need to realize that sticking to old habits will only prevent you from reaching your potential. As a result, you end up losing the chance to grab excellent opportunities to lead a better life. This can become a problem, especially if you are exposed to an environment full of competitive people. Thus, find some time to evaluate your lifestyle and start making an effort to gain new skills and abilities.